Google Pixel 8 Leaks: Smaller Displays, Brighter Screens, and 120Hz Refresh Rate

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Google has already started working on its upcoming Pixel 8 series of phones. Now, rumors hint at the display specifications of these devices. According to reports, the upcoming Pixel phone may use a 6.17-inch FHD on the non-pro model with a refresh rate of 120Hz (2400×1080).

Also on the Pixel 8 Pro, the display size may drop some resolution, from 3120×1440 on the Pixel 7 Pro to 2992×1344, and also lower the pixels per inch from 512 to 490. Also, on the other hand, the Pixel 8 will offer upgraded brightness support.

The Pixel 8 apparently tops out at 1,400 nits, while the Pixel 8 Pro hits 1,600 nits. As an improved display from the Pixel 8 series, boasting a higher refresh rate and vibrant OLED technology, combined with reduced resolution for better performance and battery life, the Pixel 8 Pro is designed to deliver a superior user experience.

By reducing the resolution, the Pixel 8 Pro may have some benefits. First, it improves battery life because the GPU doesn’t have to work as hard to render content at a lower resolution. Second, a lower-resolution display can lead to smoother performance and better overall system optimization. With less pixels to push, the processor can allocate its resources more efficiently, resulting in faster app launches, faster multitasking, and a smoother overall user experience.

Google is gearing up to make a splash in the smartphone market once again with the highly anticipated launch of its Pixel 8 series later this year. The company has consistently impressed users with its Pixel lineup, known for its exceptional camera capabilities, clean software experience, and timely updates.

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