XDefiant players report crashing issues or game getting stuck at 9% loading screen


XDefiant, the highly anticipated first-person shooter developed by Ubisoft, has recently encountered an issue that has frustrated players throughout the gaming community. Many users have reported getting stuck on a black loading screen when the game is 9% complete.

This persistent issue forces players to restart the game repeatedly to regain access. It’s important to note that XDefiant is currently in beta and plans to release a stable version in the near future, but the company must address this issue in time to ensure a smooth gaming experience for its loyal player base.

As an essential phase of game development, beta versions are released to gather player feedback, identify and rectify issues, and enhance gameplay mechanics before the official stable release. While players understand that encountering bugs and glitches is a part of the beta testing process, it is crucial for developers to address critical problems that impede gameplay and overall enjoyment.

As of the information available so far, game maker Ubisoft has yet to issue an official statement or acknowledgment of the reported issues. Users have reported various concerns, but Ubisoft has yet to provide any official word or address them publicly.

The lack of acknowledgment from the company leaves players in limbo as they wait for official communication regarding reported issues. It’s important to note that until Ubisoft issues an official statement or addresses these user reports, the situation remains unconfirmed and speculative. Players are advised to continue to monitor Ubisoft for any updates or announcements regarding these issues.

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