iOS 17 Beta Keyboard issue in Telegram app


Apple released iOS 17 beta for iPhone users globally recently. The Beta version brings new features and improvements. Alternatively, the iOS 17 beta also includes some unknown bugs and issues. According to Reddit and Twitter users a Keyboard issue in Telegram app detected after installing iOS 17 beta.

According to the report, there is a new issue with the Telegram app in iOS 17 Beta, where when someone writes a text in the app and sends it, the app has to be reopened to send another message.

In the meantime, you can try out some fixes that may fix your Keyboard issue on iOS 17 Beta, Try with pressing return key when that happens. At least for a user in iMessage and WhatsApp it works to get input field on top of the keyboard. Moreover, you can also try some comman fixes like offload app, restart your iPhone.

If you are facing issues and bugs on your iPhone after installing iOS 17 Beta version then you can report them on Safari or any trusted brower search, Bug reporting (Feedback Assistant) > View Feedback assistant > Sign in with Apple ID > continue > Trust > click on up left corner icon > iOS & iPadOS > fill the required information.

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