Spotify account hacked, email & password reportedly changed; users unable to login


Spotify users have reported a concerning issue – their accounts have been hacked, with hackers changing the account email and password, effectively locking them out of their own profiles.

As a result, users are getting kicked out of their accounts and they are unable to log back in since the email and password have been changed. That also means they can’t even change their as they won’t receive the email for password change.

While the scale of the breach remains unknown, affected users are voicing their concerns on social media and online forums, prompting discussions about the need for improved security measures by the popular music streaming platform.

In response to these reports, Spotify has adopted a somewhat secretive approach to address the matter. Instead of publicly acknowledging the problem, the support team has chosen to engage with affected users privately through direct messages (DMs) on X (formerly Twitter).


While Spotify has a crucial role to play in safeguarding user accounts, it is equally important for users to take proactive measures to protect their personal information.

Spotify account hacked? Here’s what you need to know

And if you are lucky enough to escape this situation, then we would recommend you change your password immediately or in fact, add a two-factor authentication, so as to avoid this situation.

It remains to be seen how Spotify addresses this situation and whether or not, the affected users get their accounts back.

As compared to the total Spotify users, the reports are quite insignificant as of now. However, the situation might get worse if it spreads out to more users in the coming days. And going by the reports, it seems that more users could be affected.

Hence, those who are aware of this situation can safeguard their account by adding 2FA or changing their password to a stronger one. Otherwise, you might also lose your account to hackers.

Furthermore, it remains to be seen which group of hackers is behind this and what information are they looking for. Those affected currently don’t have any way to get their account back and since the email and password have been already changed, they have to wait until Spotify picks up any action.

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