Google Pixel 7a Users Report Heating Issues: Tips and Temporary Fixes


Some Google Pixel 7a Users Report Heating Issues. The phenomenon has sparked a flood of complaints on social media platforms, with users expressing their concerns about devices becoming uncomfortably hot during use and charging.

The Pixel 7a users have taken to social media to express their displeasure at the unexpected heat-up of the device. This heating issue seems to manifest itself in two common situations, while charging and during normal use.

While Charging Many users have reported that their Pixel 7a phones become noticeably hot while charging. While some degree of heat generation is to be expected during charging due to the energy transfer process, users have reported higher than normal levels of heat.

Some users speculate that certain background processes may be causing the phone to overheat. Specifically, Device Health Services and Digital Wellbeing features designed to provide usage statistics and insights may run continuously and generate heat in the process.

While Google may be working to fix the heat issue with a software update, there are a few temporary fixes users can try:

Disable Device Health Service and Digital Wellbeing: As some users pointed out, disabling Device Health Service and Digital Wellbeing may help alleviate the heat issue. To do this, go to Settings, search for “Use Access Flash,” and turn off Device Health Service and Digital Wellbeing.

Monitor app usage: Keep an eye out for apps that may be running excessively in the background. Applications that require a constant connection or make extensive use of hardware components may cause thermal issues.

Restart your phone: Sometimes a simple restart can fix a temporary glitch or process that is causing the overheating. Restarting your phone can help with any lingering issues.

If the heating issue persists after trying the above fixes, you must provide feedback to Google. User feedback helps companies identify problems and develop solutions more quickly. To submit feedback, go to the Settings app, scroll down to “About phone” and look for the “Send feedback about this device” option.

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