YouTube Music playlist glitch where videos are replaced by audio songs


Some YouTube Music users have encountered a disturbing issue recently where the music videos in their playlist are automatically getting replaced by audio songs or other versions of the same song.

It seems to be a new feature released by Google rather than a glitch where if you add a video to a playlist in the YouTube Music app, it will instead add another version or the audio version of that particular song.

YouTube Music videos replaced by audio songs

However, this new change isn’t very well accepted by the music streamers as they want to add a video of their favorite song to the playlist.


Moreover, some also reported that the songs they’ve added (not video songs) are getting replaced with their explicit or original versions.

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This new feature has been implemented recently via an update, so if you are getting the same issue you can revert back to the previous version. Also, there’s a workaround we’ve come across you can try if you don’t wanna revert.

An affected user found out that the playlist can be reverted back to normal by simply clearing the app data from settings. Therefore, you can try this out and see if it works.

And since this is a new feature and not a glitch, it likely won’t get reverted anytime soon. So, users have to live with it until YouTube itself thinks about making changes to the song replacement feature.

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