Phone app taking too much storage on iOS 17 (workarounds)


Recently, Apple released the latest iOS 17 update for its iPhones. According to some users, after upgrading to the stable iOS 17, phone app taking too much storage. Some social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, Apple Music, Snapchat and more are taking too much storage, as high as 10GB.

This issue or bug has started after updating to iOS 17 version. Many frustrated users have complained or reported on social media like Reddit & Twitter. The issue was also reported on the Apple community as well.

In the meantime, users facing storage challenges can take several steps to alleviate the issue. Clearing cache data, offloading unused apps, and optimizing photo and video storage are practical steps to free up space on their devices.

Moreover, there are some workaround users can try to fix ‘phone app taking too much storage after iOS 17’. Also an official workaround suggested by Apple; you can restart your iPhone which can help adjusting phone storage.

Alternatively, some users have suggested a number of workarounds to fix the issue of apps taking up too much storage space, and you can uninstall these apps and reinstall them to resolve storage issues on iOS 17. On the other hand, open Settings > General > Shutdown. This clears extra cache that is no longer needed by the application.

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