macOS 14 (Sonoma) iPhone widgets not working or says ‘open app in iPhone to continue’


Apple users were excited about new features after MacOS 14. But there’s a problem: MacOS Sonoma widgets not working like they should. It seems this issue started in the beta version and stuck around even in the official release.

Early reports indicate that the issue was first noticed during beta testing of MacOS 14. Despite user feedback, the issue appears to have made its way into the stable version, leaving many users confused and disappointed. It’s unclear whether Apple was aware of the issue during the testing phase or if it appeared accidentally during the transition to stable releases.

In response to the widget glitches, frustrated users have taken to social media platforms, particularly Reddit, to share their experiences and seek potential solutions. The discussion highlighted the impact of this issue on users who rely heavily on widget functionality for streamlined and efficient workflows.

macOS Sonoma widgets not working

As of now, Apple has not officially addressed the widget malfunctioning issue. The tech giant’s lack of communication only adds to the frustration of users looking to resolve this issue. While Apple is known for its quick response to software issues, the company’s silence on the matter has left users guessing about the cause and timeline of fixes.

While users wait for an official fix from Apple, there are some workarounds to alleviate widget-related issues. Some users reported success by restarting their Mac or switching widget settings. Additionally, checking for any available updates for iPhone and Mac may resolve the compatibility issue causing the glitch.

The iPhone Widgets app glitch on MacOS 14 is undoubtedly frustrating for users who expect a seamless experience with the latest Apple software. While the tech giant has yet to officially address the issue, users can explore temporary solutions while hoping for a full fix in a future update.

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