You won’t be able to access Google Assistant from the Pixel Launcher mic icon anymore


Google has recently announced that it will remove the Assistant shortcut from the microphone icon on the Pixel Launcher. This means that Pixel users will no longer be able to access Google Assistant by tapping the microphone icon on the search bar at the bottom of their home screen. Instead, they will have to use other methods, such as saying “Hey Google” or pressing and holding the power button.

The microphone icon will now launch Voice Search, a feature that shows search results in response to voice queries. Google says that this change is intended to provide a more consistent experience with the Google app. Moreover, the Voice Search is the most popular use case for the microphone icon.

However, some Pixel users may not be happy with this change, as they have been used to tapping the microphone icon to launch Google Assistant. It is a powerful tool that can perform actions, such as controlling smart devices, sending messages, playing music, and more. Furthermore, Google Assistant also has some exclusive features that are not available in Voice Search.

This change is rolling out gradually

The change is rolling out gradually to Pixel devices, and some users may still see the Assistant shortcut on the microphone icon. Google has not given a clear reason for this change, but some speculate that it may be related to the upcoming launch of Bard, a new AI language model that will replace the classic Assistant. Others think that Google is simply following the data that shows that most users prefer Voice Search over Assistant.

Whatever the reason, Pixel users will have to adapt to this change and find other ways to access Google Assistant. They can also place an Assistant icon on their home screen, or swipe diagonally from the bottom corners of the screen. However, these methods are not as convenient as tapping the microphone icon.

(Source – 9to5Google)

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