Google reportedly working to add “My Week” and real-time album features to the Photos app


Google Photos is one of the most popular and widely used photo storage and sharing apps in the world. It offers unlimited cloud storage for high-quality photos and videos, smart editing tools, and various ways to organize and discover your memories. The tech giant is constantly working on improving and adding new features to Google Photos, making it more useful and fun for its users. Recently, the company released a new feature called Photo Stacks. And now, they are working on two more features that Google Photos is expected to rollout soon: “My Week” and real-time albums.

What is “My Week”?

“My Week” is a new feature that will allow you to invite people to join a memory in which you can select pictures which you want the people to see in their Google Photo’s homepage as a memory.

For example, if you had a family reunion last week, you can create a “My Week” memory and invite your relatives to join it. Then, you can choose the best photos from the event and add them to the memory. Your invitees will see the memory on their Google Photos homepage, along with a notification and a message from you. They can also comment and react to the photos, creating a more interactive and social experience.

“My Week” is a great way to share your special moments with your loved ones, without having to create a separate album or send individual photos. It also helps you to relive your memories and stay connected with your friends and family.

What are real-time albums?

Real-time albums are another new feature that will enable you to start a real time album when you have an event or going on a trip. You capture pictures while the event or trip is going on, and Google Photos will suggest pictures to add in this real-time album.


For instance, if you are on a vacation with your friends, you can create a real-time album and invite your friends to join it. As you take photos during your trip, Google Photos will automatically select the best ones and add them to the album. Your friends will also be able to see the album and the photos as they are added and contribute their own photos as well. You can also chat with your friends within the album, making it more fun and engaging.

Real-time albums are a convenient and exciting way to document your adventures and share them with your companions, without having to wait until the end of the event or trip. They also allow you to create a collaborative and dynamic album that reflects your collective experience.

When will these features be available?

Google has not announced an official release date for these features yet, but they are likely to be rolled out in the near future. Some users have reported seeing these features in the beta version of Google Photos, indicating that they are in the final stages of testing and development.

The new features are expected to be available for both Android and iOS users, and will be accessible through the Google Photos app. They will also be compatible with other Google products, such as Google Assistant and Google Nest Hub.

These features will enhance the functionality and appeal of Google Photos, making it more than just a photo storage and editing app. They will also make Google Photos more social and interactive, allowing users to share their memories and communicate with their contacts in a more meaningful and enjoyable way.

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